The Best Design Blogs of 2015

This list of the design blogs will be a perfect source of inspiration for those who are in search for inspiration and want to keep track of all trends and innovations

  1. – It is a perfect source of inspiration that contains thousands of ideas.
  2. httpster – This is a collection of the best web design ideas that show you how to add a twist to good idea to make it great.
  3. SiteInspire – The editors of this blog handpick the best web design examples, putting the emphasis on clear and simple sites. And there is a possibility to share your own design to the evaluation of others.
  4. Eye On Design – This blog belongs to the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) and shows works of the best designers all over the world.
  5. Typewolf – Here it is possible to find a selection of fonts appropriate for any project.
  6. Grafik – This is a place where you can find all sorts of graphic design and inspire.
  7. Line25 – Here is a list of the best web design blogs that is updated every week.
  8. Design Of The World – This blog belongs to the Josephmark and here it is possible to find the most well-thought-out and thoughtful designs worldwide.
  9. Mr Cup – The author of the blog, from French graphic designer Fabien Barral, collects the best examples of web design.
  10. Web Designer Depot – Experts’ insights, relevant findings, techniques and advice are stores here.
  11. Web Field Manual – Here you will find a list of the best helpful tools and resources for web designers.
  12. Designspiration – A new way to get inspired – search for inspiration by keywords or colors.
  13. It’s Nice That – This blog has many sections dedicated to all trends and methods of graphic design.
  14. This Is Collate – This blog is a perfect source of inspiration as nothing draws attention from the images.
  15. This Is Colossal – This blog covers of streams of visual design – from painting to street art.
  16. Design Everywhere – This blog is updated every day by Singapore graphic designer Preston Tham.