Professional Blog Design Tips for Beginners

Only the owner of the blog determines how the blog will look like – be it a simple theme with a few widgets or a complicated design that follows the main principles of blog appearance and stands out of the crowd.

If you take your blog seriously, you can use these ace-level blog design tips collected be designers through years of working with blogs

  1. The design should be goal-driven. Everything you see in your blog should impel visitors to call to action, everything else is not so important here. How to achieve that? Use visual hierarchy. Take an advantage of headlines that call to action placed in the places on the webpage that people see the most (for example, top of sidebar).
  2. Choose fonts wisely. Take into consideration that it is better to use 3 fonts maximum – for headlines, for logo and for body content.
  3. Well-thought-out color scheme. There is no need to use many colors – 3 is optimal. One main color, one shade and one color for call to action.
  4. Colors in the scheme should be matching. Obvious thing, however, many bloggers neglect it. You can use to find colors that supplement each other.
  5. Use gradients, shadows and textures mildly.
  6. Make the design life-like. All gradients and shadows should have the same light angle.
  7. Leave space between elements. Of course, it is necessary to use padding and margins, however, it is also necessary to get rid of everything distracting, that has nothing in common with your goal.
  8. Use borders. Simple 1-pixel border will make the difference cleaning your design.
  9. All section, part and text block should be lined up.
  10. Use subheads. This tip is especially useful if you have an intention to create a series of thoughts. Subhead hierarchy simplifies the navigation.
  11. Use CSS. If your website has a lot of background areas, images etc., then the loading time will be prolonged. To avoid that use CSS for creation of borders, frames, text and box shadows, transitions, animations etc.
  12. To fasten the loading time use small repeating background images
  13. Call of action should be the same throughout the whole blog