A pink Wonderment – Custom Layout

I proudly did my first custom layout for a very dear bloggy friend of mine. For the wonderful KG from i heart mythical creatures. She won this template on a giveaway Annie The Danger Magnet hold two weeks before and she was brave enough to let me do a new bloglayout for her. The funny thing was that we already started thinking about a layout together, so it was fate that she won this giveaway.

KG choose the Pink chocolate kit from Kimla designs and wanted to have a 2 column layout with a horizontal linkbar.


I made some small and lovely sidebar images with a flower and a little heart and for the postdivider we took this cool pink bubbles. For the sidebar image we have to thank my Betti from Betti.Music.Twilight, because she had this wonderful idea to combine the flower with the heart.

Very proud makes me the header, I truly love this one. KG told me that she liked very much the header I did for the 2 Column Dark Angels layout. Ok, so I tried to make her an own header which goes in that direction but yet looks unique. We finally included some New Moon pictures and so it’s ready. I’m so glad she waited to send me the pictures until I saw New Moon. I heart you girl! We included the linkbar inside the header which looks for her layout the best, we think.

What makes this layout special:
– the header
– the small sidebar images
– and well, just KG with her ideas.

Thanks again KG for letting me do a blogdesign for you *hugs*


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