Alice meets Chocolate fabric – Custom Layout

Honesty, this layout is awesome and I so adore this one! I told Donna if she doesn’t want it I would keep it for myself, but well… there was no way to make a deal with her *giggles*
Donna runs a BookBlog called “Bites” and she’s just fantastic and she contacted me for a green package plus rating system. After a few discussions she feel in love with the TeaTime kit from MK Designs.


Alice meets Tim Burton, cute and a bit creepy that was the goal! She also loved the girl, so we took her for the header. Donna wanted a dark blog so I went with the brown colors from the kit and worked from there on . I adore this header, it’s very detailed. But this kit from MK designs is just like a candy machine for a designer since there are so many wonderful unique and creative elements to work with . I love how it looks like it’s coming out of the blog ( does that makes sense lol?) and we took this look for the rating:


It was just plain fun working with her on this design. This blog is also the first one ever that got a Linkbar which is in the upper part of the header and not like usual below, but it worked so much better with this design that I was glad Donna let me do this!


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