Beautiful Spring – Custom Layout

I’m super proud to show you this layout here, because this is the first layout for a blog that is NOT Twilight related. It’s for a very dear friend of mine, Kristen who is a doula and let me do this layout for her workblog. Wonderful hu? She choose this pretty kit from Lily called Spring Garden and this made it super easy to come up with a layout because the elements inside are simply beautiful!


Kristen choose the blue-greenish background together with a dark green one and a light yellow one for the post section. We choose the purple flowers for sidebar and also for the postdivider. Super pretty is the header with those wonderful pics she send me.

What makes this layout special?

– the spring look gives you such a happy feeling
– the linkbar with the wooden buttons
– the header!
– Kristen with her perfect eye who let me arrange things more accurately 🙂

It was so much fun doing this with you my friend and I hope you are truly happy with your workblog now!


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