How to Create Affecting Graphics?

There is no need to spend hundreds of dollars on your graphic toolkit, as there are dozens of free online tools that make the same job and you get impressive results. Graphics are essential for the success of your website as it helps to bring your message to your customers.

Here is a handpicked list of free useful tools for creation of infographics, graphics, memes and GIFs.

  1. Canva is an online photo editor that proposes a set of options for creation of great visual content. Just sign in and you will get access to multiple free layouts and tools. Here it is possible to upload and change your photo using the tools proposed by Canva.
  2. BeFunky is another online photo editor that is able to help you to create perfect images. You even do not need to sign up to use the editing tools of the editor.
  3. PicMonkey is one of the most enhanced online photo editing and creating tools. There is also a Royale version of the editor that proposes a bunch of extra effects and tools.
  4. Fotor requires the sign up and it worth it, mark our words. With its help you will be able to edit all kinds of visual content.
  5. Share as Image is a tool that helps to turn any image into a graphic with added text, filter and texture. Used free images will contain a watermark. Premium package ($8 per month) of the tool removes the watermarks.
  6. Pixlr allows the users to adjust and fix photos, replace colors, change the shapes of objects and make many other interesting things.
  7. proposes a possibility to import data from Excel to an infographic. You can select more than 30 kinds of graphics and publish completed feature.
  8. Polarr edits uploaded photos using filters, frames, contrast, exposure and many other effective tools.
  9. Piktochart allows choosing layout for the infographics from the vast library, the amount of which depends on the selected package.
  10. WordSwag is an iOS-based tool for creating text designs.
  11. Recite shows you how your text will look like in different designs.
  12. Infoactive creates interactive infographics based on the data taken from Excel.

Definite Must-Haves for Web Designers

Any Web designer knows that the tool used in the work greatly influences the result. We have handpicked a set of tools and sources that may come in handy:

  1. Niice. It is a sort of design search engine that collects results from Behance, Dribble and Designspiration.
  2. Pixel Dropr. Designers use this Photoshop plugin for creating collections of elements that can be dragged and dropped to any PSD file.
  3. Designer News. This service encourages discussions on design and emerging helpful tools.
  4. Font Inspector is a new typographical tool in the set of DevTools of the Firefox.
  5. Cloud Comp allows designers to share app and website mockups with clients.
  6. supplies designers with the best five design links every day.
  7. BLOKK is a font used for quick mock-ups, it looks like the one in the cartoon newspapers)
  8. What’s My Browser Size? The name of the site speaks for itself.
  9. Intuitive Color Picker is one of the most convenient color-picking tools. Adjust the color with mouse movements.
  10. Timehub generates invoices from GitHub repositories.
  11. Helvetica vs Arial. Learn the differences between two fonts and check your knowledge with help of the tests.
  12. HEX to RGB Converter is a single-purposed site that, as the name suggests, changes from HEX to RGB color codes.
  13. PlaceIt helps to generate realistic screenshots in no time
  14. Heyoffline.js is a JavaScript plugin that is used for warnings about network falls.
  15. Keynote/PowerPoint for UX Texts is one of the best tools for building functional mockups.
  16. PLTTS is a tool for searching of the perfect color-palettes for your projects.
  17. Mincss finds and removes selectors in your CSS that you are not using.
  18. CSSCSS is a tool that works similar to Mincss – it reveals rulestes that have duplicated declarations.

Top 5 New Gadgets Every Woman Would Love To Have

Who says women and technology don’t mix? Nonsense! If you look a little closer, you will see that at the root of each amazing tech creation there was a woman who inspired, supported and encouraged her man to do something extraordinary.

Women love technology every bit as much as men do. We love the way it makes our life easier, more comfortable and interesting. As well as men, we love the benefits technology brings to our life and the opportunities it presents. The only difference between how men and women use technology is that women by their nature are more inclined to form stronger and far more long-lasting relationships with their gadgets.

So if you don’t know yet what to give your wife or girlfriend for her birthday, here are a few tips for you! These 5 new tech gadgets that were carefully designed with women in mind are sure to make any lady happy!

1.    Everpurse

This is a 100% women-oriented gadget from Kickstarter. At first sight, this is a typical women purse where you can put and carry a lot of useful gal stuff but it is also a wearable battery where you can charge your Android or iPhone! The best part is that the purse comes in a variety of bright colors.

Price: $190 – $320

2.    Stellé Audio Clutch

How about listening to some good and inspiring music? What might look like a simple but classy clutch is in fact a high-tech portable Bluetooth audio product! Look fabulous and stay positive while listening to your favorite tunes!

Price: $399

3.    Scottevest

What clothing do women love? It’s easy: stylish, fitting, comfortable and with many pockets! In this regard, there can’t be a better choice than high-tech clothing from Scottevest! The company produces everything from dresses and jackets to hoodies and all of that has in between 10 and 22 pockets! You will have enough space to carry all your stuff on you!

Price: $50 and higher

4.    Martian Smart Watch

What can your wristwatch do? Show you the time? Ha! That is so last year! A stylish nicely-designed wristwatch from the Martian, that works in a close tandem with your smartphone, will notify you about new emails and texts, and allow you to messages using voice commands!

Price: $250-$300

5.    Stick-N-Find

This is a lifesaver for those who keep losing things like keys, TV remotes or even pets. Stick-N-Find is a quarter-size button that can be attached to virtually anything (or anyone) and help find them in no time at all. By using a smartphone app, you will be able to quickly find the real-time location of the object missing.

Price: $49.99 (for 2 Stick-N-Find buttons)