PicMonkey Helps to Create Headers for Blogs

If you want to add freshness and originality to your blog, think of great banners and headers. You can create them with help of PicMonkey simply following these steps:

  1. Look through Picmonkey and find Collage feature there (there is a possibility to select the Design feature and if you do so, proceed to step 5).
  2. Search for the Layouts sub function and click a frame called Ducks in a Row. After you select a number of squares, save it. It is advisable to save the frame to the desktop – thus you will be able to find the template for your banner quickly. The squares will be empty to the moment when you upload your photos there.
  3. Proceed to PicMonkey homepage and search for Edit a Photo function.
  4. First, click the Resize button – with its help you will be able to change the size of the photos and specify the size of your future banner. And do not forget to click Apply!
  5. Take into consideration that banner is a carrier of the name of your blog and it also can work as a tagline. That is why it is essential to select appropriate font, size and colors of the text. In order to find a text tool for your banner, click P button on the screen.
  6. If you want to add some creativity to the banner, use overlays. You can select the one proposed by PicMonkey or use your own, though, mind that the site accepts only .jpeg overlays. It can be a clip art, image, symbol etc.
  7. Add Texture and Frames to your banner. Look through the proposed options, however, mind that some of them won’t work with the size of the banner, so it is necessary to try them until you find the one you like.
  8. Save your creation to the newly created folder on your PC. Thus you will be able to find them quickly and apply them to your blog.
  9. Add the banner to the blog – search for the Layout of your website, select Header. In the box that will appear, click the “From your computer” button and select the item (that is exactly why we strongly recommend to create separate folders or save items to the desktop). In case if the width of the banner doesn’t coincide with the width of the page, adjust the width with help of Template designer.

Following these steps you will also be able to create your own customized buttons for the blog.

Photobucket Maintanance – Please be patient!

I know you guys all freak out now, and I understand – believe me I’m freaking out too.
All your Blog Designs are still there, they are NOT gone!
And, they will come back – I promise!
I just can’t say when.
I talked to the Photobucket support
this morning and they said around Midnight or early morning

(Update: Morning is gone and the problems are still there.. )

I am so very sorry, but I can’t do anything right now –
I can’t even access your images now.

Believe me I wish I could do something…

You have to be patient
and I know you must be very frustrated!

What you can do in the meantime:
Backup Your layout and change to a generic one
for the moment just like I did right now.

How to do this:
and here you click

181 182

Download Full Template!
This is very important to get your Layout back
when all the problems are solved!!
Save this one somewhere so that you can find it!

Then please go to “TEMPLATE DESIGNER”
and choose one of the Templates there.

Hit Apply To Blog and that’s it


You can follow
me on Twitter
to get the latest updates on this issue!

Cute layout for a cute girl – Custom Layout

This is one of the cutest layouts I ever did ( at least I think like that) and it’s one of those I’d love to have for myself. Nely from All about {n} contacted me with the sweetest mail ever to ask if I have time to design her a new layout. How can I refuse when I get such a cute mail? Plus, Nely is a doll and just one of the sweetest persons ever!
Nely fell in love with a girl from iStock images and told. me “If you manage to make her eyes green and let her hold books in her hands I will love you forever”…
Again, how can I refuse?

We used bisontines I’m Yours kit


Anyway look at this layout- I’m still totally in love with it!
We also did a bunch of extras like social network icons,
rating system and some Feature Buttons!
and please visit Nely, she has a lovely blog!


Miles of Style – New Design Custom Layout

Persis contacted me me to redesign her blog. I had already the pleasure to work with her before so I was happy she contacted me again.

We used Irene’s “You” kit and the Photographs were provided by Persis

This is what came out, and I love the style and the color combinations!
Classy and beautiful!


Dreaminess – Custom Layout

I loved working with Amelia, she had a pretty exact idea what she wanted. She wanted her blog to look dreamy and of course with books!

So we combined a few kits from Joifa Designs to make this happen.
Bright Night and the Cozy kit


I absolutely loved working on this blog and I really love what we did together,
Amelia’s ideas were great and I’m glad I designed what she had in her head!


Clean hottness – Custom Layout

Kerry is one of my ver first Twitter/Bloggy friends and since I had the pleasure to meet her this year in June I love her even more. Plus, she is absolutely my best Customer because this is already the third blog she let’s me design. The first was for her FanFiction she wrote together with my Pushy, the second was for her own Fanfiction writing and now this one is for her real writing. Because, she is an extremely talented writer she now decided to get published!!
Anyway, we wanted something clean, yet sexy but still with a professional look.

We used Catherine’s Boys Retreat kit.


She choose a awesome font and she choose some incredible hot and sexy pictures from iStock images..
Gee, she made me work with hot boys, well it was my pleasure!

I’m super happy she liked what I did for her because I really love this layout a lot!
It’s clean, yet sexy and the red is a great eye-catcher!

Visit my friend Kerry’s blog live!


And of course I wish her the best luck for her road to publication, but…she’s damn good, so it’s just a matter of time ….

A First – Custom Layout

There is always a first, and this layout is my first layout for a male Blogger! (I’m not counting my hubs right now… because he’s not really a client ..) Adam is a Book Blogger that won this layout from the wonderful Page Turners. They were so happy with their layout that they gave away one layout from me!

Thanks again girls!

Anyway, Adam won and I was a bit afraid since I’m mostly design blogs for girls. Seriously look at my designs, they are all dreamy and most definitely for girls! But, Adam and me discussed, came up with some ideas and this is what we’ve done:

Visit Adam’s Blog and see the layout live:


A Dream in Mint – Custom Layout

I just finished a wonderful layout I created together with Katie from the Crescive Library.She said she wanted something cute but not too girly and she choose the wonderful kit from Bisontine “Everday Blessings”


In addition she choose the cute girl that was holding a book in her hands from iStock Photos. This is what we created and I think it turned out wonderful! But see yourself!

Visit Katie and her Blog and see the layout live.


Giveaway Time!

I know I’m far behind posting the Blogs I designed lately ( and there were some really cute ones!!), I will have to do that eventually.

But, I wanted to tell you that we host an amazing giveaway at the Bookworms, and one prize is a Custom Blog Make over, a pink package plus as an extra for all the BookBloggers a Rating system! So please enter the giveaway and take your chance to win a new layout!


Books like Stars – Custom Layout

This one turned out so beautiful! It’s a fairly new Book blog runed by Rochelle with the beautiful name “Book Like Stars”. She choose an awesome kit from Lorie Davidson “No Monsters Under My Bed”


What I like most about this layout is the Blog title!!

Look at this layout live,
I absolutely adore it!