Books like Stars – Custom Layout

This one turned out so beautiful! It’s a fairly new Book blog runed by Rochelle with the beautiful name “Book Like Stars”. She choose an awesome kit from Lorie Davidson “No Monsters Under My Bed”


What I like most about this layout is the Blog title!!

Look at this layout live,
I absolutely adore it!


A Novel Process – Custom Layout

This was a design I did recently for Karin who wanted her blog to keep track on her writing progress. She wanted bright colors and also a Comic-Me in her header. Unfortunately the kit she wanted first was not available anymore since the designer stopped working but we found this pretty kit from Niki Beaudreau called Falling for you.

Karin especially loved the red striped background and I have to say it looks awesome as a background. Plus. I had to do some adjustments of the Comic-Girl. She got blue glasses and
I modified the shirt to match the layout.

She also got a wavy Linkbar and we made some nice sidebar title images.

New and exclusive designer : Lorie Davidson’s!

Remember when I was so happy that Irene allowed me to work with her kits? I was beyond happy, she made an exception for me. ..

Something similar happened today: A client showed me a kit from Lorie Davidson and asked me if we could ask her for permission since she fell in love with this kit and desperately wanted her Blog done with this kit.


Honestly, admire this awesomeness!!!

I contacted Lori asking if she would allow me to use her kit for this blog – she never allowed something like this but apparently liked the Blog’s I’ve designed so far that we worked out a license… *big squee moment*

After I finished this blog I showed her the blog and asked (maybe begging was involved) if I could add her to my list of designers since I’m so pretty sure people will love her work. She’s is an amazing designer and I bow my head when I see her designs.

Since I can only post a tiny collection of her work,
please go and visit her shop
and let her work inspire you!!




In the end, I’m only as good as the designs I’m working with.
So I’m constantly searching for unique designers and

I’m pretty proud to have such
an exclusive collection!!



Flying Dreams of a Happy Reader – Custom Layout

I was contacted from Len to do a Custom Layout and she came up with a bunch of kit’s she liked, However, there was one she was so in love with and although it wasn’t one of my designers (yet) I agreed to contact the designer. Because, just like Len I fell in love with this kit and desperately wanted to work with it. It was the Flying Dreams kit from Lorie Davidson Designs and as you can read here she afterwards agreed to let me use all of her kits for Blog Design.


Once I started with this layout I was in love with this designer, her creativity is immense and it was a pleasure working on this design. Len also was happy right away with what I showed her and so this is what we’ve done together:


Portfolio Updates – Norwegian Book Girl, Ellz Readz and Page Turners!

I did some lovely blogs lately and here are the updates.

Ellz Readz was the winner of a giveaway Donna from Bites hold some time ago. She had a long list of kits she loves but finally decided for Joifa’s Innocent Imaginations. Lovely kit!!


She wanted a wavy Linkbar and she choose awesome fonts for her layout!! I was in love when she first send me the Links to the fonts she likes! So this is the final result:

Go an visit this Layout Live!

The Norwegian Book Girl came with a interesting question: She runs an English BookBlog and she runs a Book blog in Norwegian and she wanted to have the same design for the two blogs.OooOo This was a challenge since I had noo idea what about what I was writing when I designed the Norwegian blog. She wanted to have Kimla’s Storytime kit and she said she wanted to have something in blue.


Plus she wanted to have the dreamy aspect of getting lost in a book. Well, good that I recently changed the my name to Dreamy Blog Designs *giggles* . Ok so those are her Blogs:

Go an visit this Layout Live!


and her Norwegian Blog :


The Page Turners have a wonderful blog and they had a great idea about what they want. We discussed for weeks about how to approach this and which kits would work with that. They wanted to have a girl sitting in a cottage style room and dreaming about an outside Faery world. Woho Ok! So we collected kits and in the end decided for a few kits to use and combine. Honestly this was a real challenge!!!

We took from MK Designs – New Home, Doll House



 Joifa Designs : Cozy


Lily Designs: Baby Elf ( I adore this kit!!! All the elements you see in the header from the Faery world are from this kit)


So this is the final Result: Plus they wanted a Drop Down menu for their blog… So yes I think this was by far the biggest project I ever had… The Vector was Custom made form a friend of the Page Turners and I really love the girl, it’s awesome!


Vintage Love – Custom Layout

This layout was done super fast because Jillian and me were pretty clear about how her blog should look like. I was a devoted Follower from Jillians Blog already before so I knew her style and what she loves. When she contacted me about a layout I was thrilled since, truth to be told I had already a few ideas for her blog. Jillian choose the wonderful Vintage kit from Bisontine Victoria Tenderness, which was a great choice and perfect for the idea of her blog.


Jillian wanted a Pink Package plus a simply, easy to adjust Linkbar and the blog header should reflect her love for books! So I created a vintage style header with a bookshelf, tons of books and some other nice elements. Well, Jillian loved it just like it was and I was thrilled that I got it right from the beginning!



Giveaway Winner, Mishia’s Layout

Here is the first winner who won the layout over at Kelly during the Beautiful Blog Week. This was an awesome event! Mishia was the one who won a layout from me and she was incredible easy to work with!


We choose a kit from Bisontine called Sweets


isn’t this a cute kit?
And this is what I created for Mishia. I truly love this clean and sweet layout!


New wonderful designer in store!!!!

1 Thought

I’m so happy to tell you that I have a license from a new designer! I contacted Irene already a year ago but she doesn’t allow Custom Blog Designs with her kits.

I was sad, oh so sad.

But then I saw her latest kit and I was so entranced that I had to contact her again. I made it clear how incredible in love I am with her kits and guess what, she made an exception for me!! Gosh, I was so happy!!

She truly is unique and she creates kits that look right from out of a Faery tale or from a different world. Most of her stuff is hand drawn which shows her incredible talent!

One note: If you love her designs just like me but don’t want to spend so much money for a Custom design ( although I’m not that expensive hehe) then you can look at her Pre made Blog Designs, they consist of a background and a header. Click here to get to her store.


You can find her designs and kits :
afterfive ( just for june)
Scrap Orchard

So but now, let me show you some my fav kits from her ( and she has tons and each one is simply beautiful! I truly didn’t know which ones to pick)

Sail to the stars, isn’t that awesome!!
Hello Faery Tale!!
This was the one I fell so in love with that I contacted her again.




Today is national Srapebooking day and I went around looking at what my fabulous designer have new in their store. Maybe some of them catch your eye and give you some inspirations for a new look of your blog!

Vera Lim Designs:
Good Night Sweetheart, this kit is lovely when you are looking for something dark with sparkle effects and some glowing. Especially this lovely glowing bee is so sweet! This is truly a magical kit, with lot’s of sparkling and glowing effects and stars..


MK Designs:
TeaParty. This kit directly from Alice in Wonderland! If you want a blog looking like another world this one could be the right one.


Lily Designs:
Lily always surprises my with he real elements and she apparently does love flowers, a lot. This kit called Dream Garden is truly wonderful. Make your blog look like a dreamy garden with lots of beautiful flowers. Apart from the flowers, she created birds that look just magical and not from this world!


Kimla Designs:
Although her Summer impressions kit is not new I want to feature it today because I adore the color combinations here. Red and yellow just screams like summer, love the red flasks and the red corn poppy.


Love birds?? I adore this kit! the colors work so nicely together and the tiny bird she created are just sweetness! Spring Love is a wonderful and unique kit!


The magic Custom Layout

This is a design for a blog where mother and daughter post Book and Reviews together. Since, it was a surprise for her daughter Suzie wanted something dreamy and magic. She choose the G’Night Sweetheart kit from Vera Lim since both of them also love purple so much! So we focused on making a dreamy and magic layout!


The elements found in this kit are perfect for her wish and so I started on this layout. Suzie was so easy and wonderful to work with because basically she just loved what I did, which I truly appreciate! I extremely love the sweet like firefly for the sidebar titles and the clocks with the wings! Since they will post reviews I also created a rating system for them: Classically we used stars but with this layout they just go perfect together


Suzie became a truly good friend over the last month and
I love the idea that she’s blogging together with her daughter and
that they read the same books!