Dark Angel Blog Template

Ohh I am truly in love with this one. I put all my love for blogdesign and Twilight inside, that is what makes this layout so special for me. I used the Dark Angel’s kit from Lily that she made specially for the Twilight fans out there.

Some things about this layout:

it’s a 2 column layout with a wider post section.
the background is made out of 4 layers
I uses a special font for the sidebar title and the post title.
I added a small black feather for the sidebar titles
it has a postdivider and a signature, both you can see when you click on it to see it live!


If you would like to use this template for your blog I would be beyond happy! Email me!

What I would need from you:

Your blogtitle, so that I can add it to the header.
3 pictures you want to see in the header
How you want your signature.

Since Lily’s stuff is not free: I have to charge 20$ for this Layout.

When we have done this, I can install the template on your blog or I can send you the html – however you wish.

(Like the Dark Angel design, but want to have some changes or a personal one for your blog? You know, just email me! 🙂

Happy Blogging!!


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