Definite Must-Haves for Web Designers

Any Web designer knows that the tool used in the work greatly influences the result. We have handpicked a set of tools and sources that may come in handy:

  1. Niice. It is a sort of design search engine that collects results from Behance, Dribble and Designspiration.
  2. Pixel Dropr. Designers use this Photoshop plugin for creating collections of elements that can be dragged and dropped to any PSD file.
  3. Designer News. This service encourages discussions on design and emerging helpful tools.
  4. Font Inspector is a new typographical tool in the set of DevTools of the Firefox.
  5. Cloud Comp allows designers to share app and website mockups with clients.
  6. supplies designers with the best five design links every day.
  7. BLOKK is a font used for quick mock-ups, it looks like the one in the cartoon newspapers)
  8. What’s My Browser Size? The name of the site speaks for itself.
  9. Intuitive Color Picker is one of the most convenient color-picking tools. Adjust the color with mouse movements.
  10. Timehub generates invoices from GitHub repositories.
  11. Helvetica vs Arial. Learn the differences between two fonts and check your knowledge with help of the tests.
  12. HEX to RGB Converter is a single-purposed site that, as the name suggests, changes from HEX to RGB color codes.
  13. PlaceIt helps to generate realistic screenshots in no time
  14. Heyoffline.js is a JavaScript plugin that is used for warnings about network falls.
  15. Keynote/PowerPoint for UX Texts is one of the best tools for building functional mockups.
  16. PLTTS is a tool for searching of the perfect color-palettes for your projects.
  17. Mincss finds and removes selectors in your CSS that you are not using.
  18. CSSCSS is a tool that works similar to Mincss – it reveals rulestes that have duplicated declarations.
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