Designer’s Tools and Resources that May Come in Handy

There are loads of helpful stuff for designers, however, some tools require a lot of searching and trying. We have explored and handpicked several tools and resources that would be duly appreciated by designers.

WordPress Themes:

  • X Theme. X Theme’s new page builder Cornerstone is the main reason of the product’s success. It saves time and improves the quality of the final design as well as it has a 100% front and editing capability. Plus you will get access to all other Themeforest WordPress plugins and the support here is unrivaled.
  • The process of working with Enfold is easy as ABC – just import a demo or demos and start building the website. It is a best rated top seller as it allows users to build a website quickly, smoothly and seamlessly.
  • Be Theme. This multipurpose WordPress theme is considered to have the best functionality (40+ features) and the most extensive number of layouts (100+). It has user-friendly interface and intuitive management and that makes Be Theme one of the best choices.

Website Builders

  • XPRS is simply to use and saves a lot of time as it is really easy to work with and doesn’t call for plugins. The cost of the professional package is $250 per year and there is a free version for students and non-profits.
  • This platform proposes an easy and code-free way to create, manage and publish websites. User can manage multiple sites with help of the dashboard feature.

WordPress Page Builders

  • Even producers of the Cornerstone didn’t expect the level of success this page builder had.
  • Themify Flow enables designers to see the progress of page building in the real time. It is free of charge and still you can create unlimited number of page templates.

Project Management and Collaboration Tools

  • Nutcache not only saves and stores things and assists in performing of all common project management tasks. And it works as an online team collaboration aid.
  • Azendoo is a perfect tool for design teams so it enables collaborative approach to the work on the projects.

There are literally hundreds of tools and sources and it is impossible to cover them all in one article. Those all these tools mentioned above are definite must-haves of all designers.

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