Desinger and kits

Here you find the designers listed who either gave me their permission to use their kits or apply a fee when their stuff is used for blogdesign. Make sure to go to their shop and browse around to get inspired. You will find a huge amount of examples what can be done with their stuff. All of them have many more wonderful and beautiful kits, what I am showing here is just a one example of their creative and unique designs.

Apart from the design kits I can also include some comic figures or vector designs, take your time and browse for this at iStock or at Shutterstock!

If you have something special in mind, please email me – maybe I can help you. And now enjoy searching the kit for YOUR blog 🙂

Irene Alexeeva designs at Scrap Orchard:
Sooo happy she finally gave me permission to work with her kits! If you are looking for something unique or something magic have a look at her designs. She has TONS of wonderful kits and color combination as well as dark and light kits!

Kimla’s designs at afterfive shop: I simply adore Kimla. She does kits which always have a dreamy touch and she creates wonderful kits. There is not one I don’t like because I love them all. ( and she did a special Twilight kit!)


Joifa’s Designs at the afterfive shop: She has wonderful stuff, and I especially like her Sweet Melody kit. I also love the elements from the Rainy Sunday kit.


Lily’s designs at afterfive shop : Lily is extraordinary talented and I love all of her kits. She is really doing something special and I can’t even choose which one I like most. If you want one of her kits, a fee from 15$ Dollar is needed. But her stuff is so worth it. She mostly designs dreamy kits that are just awesome…


Holy design at 9th and Bloom: When I saw the Whimsy Wishes kit I fell in love immediately! But also her other kits are just lovely.


Vera Lim at 9th and Bloom. Absolutely lovely designs and she has quite a broad range of design kits. Make sure to browse though her shop because she really is unique.


MK Designs at 9th and Bloom: She has soo many beautiful kits which are all adorable and unique in style. Wonderful and lovely kits – I’m sure there is one for you:)
Here I showed as example her kit together with Holly and I adore this kit!

Bisontine’s Designs at her new shop: She has very special, unique and wonderful designs, go and look what she does. I’m extremely happy she allowed me to work with her kits and I’m sure her kits will make wonderful blogs!

Nikki Beaudreau at the after five shop. She has really nice and cool kits which are all really pretty.I’m glad she gave us the opportunity to be able to design layouts with her kits. If you want to use one of her kits, a fee of 15 $ will be added to your invoice.


Catherine designs at afterfive shop: Look at the beautiful stuff Catherine created, I love her choice of colors and the “guy thing” kit is lovely!

K Studios’s design at her own shop: She has a broad range of different unique design kits to use. All amazing and beautiful to look at. If you want to use one of her kits, a fee of 14 $ is needed.


Karina Designs
at the after five shop: Look at this wonderful kit “Purple Love” Karina designed. So lovely!! She has awesome creations! If you want to use one of her kits, a fee of
15 $ will be added to your invoice.


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