How long does it take to finish my layout?

I have a waiting list, but when I start with your layout it will take around two to five days. It all depends on how many changes we have to do and how fast you answer my emails. I work on the layouts in my evening since I have a full time job and we also have to deal with different time zones. Plus, the better you describe your wishes the faster I can work. So take your time when filling out the order form and be as precise as possible.

What do you need to start working on my layout?

I need to know some details about your layout, like: how many columns (if only two, then tell me on which site you want the sidebar) and what font’s you would like me to use. Do you want to have a link bar? Something special? Just tell me! However, the most important information I need is the design kit. Please take your time to find the one that matches your ideas. If you can’t find something tell me which colors you would like to have and I can help you searching. When you choose your kit, please tell me what you like and what you dislike in this kit.

How does it work with those design kits anyway?

I use those design kits for the look of your layout. There are papers inside that I use for the backgrounds. In each kit are around 60-80 unique elements like flowers, swirls etc. I will only use 5-10 elements for your layout.

Please make sure to just choose a kit from a designer I’m allowed to work with. I am not allowed to use a kit from another designers. If there is a kit you truly adore and can’t find something similar from “my” designers we can try to contact her and ask her permission.

I want a Vector Style layout, can you do that?

Yes I can, but I have to buy Vectors at iStock or Shutterstock since I’m not a graphic designer myself. Every vector I have to buy for your layout will go on top of the package price.

How do I transfer the new layout?

I will install everything for you, I only need your blogger login and a password, please change it for me during the time I’m working on it. You can also install it yourself, but then I can’t adjust things anymore. If I install it, I’ll make sure that you won’t loose any widgets.

How much costs a layout?

You can find my prices and packages here. However, I won’t make a custom layout for free. Although this is a hobby it takes me hours to finish a layout until you are happy with it. But if you would take your time and look around at the prices from other designers you will see that I’m not expensive 😉

How many revisions do I have?

Many designers work with 1-3 revisions per layout. I’m not that strict, however I will inform you before the time I put in changes goes overboard. After this I will charge per hour of time I spend for your changes, which will be 25$ per hour.

Can you also make a wordpress layout?

Unfortunately not, I can only do blogger layouts

How can I pay you?

I can only accept paypal. I will request 25$ in advance, once this is paid you will get your place in the waiting line.