Hot Pink, Why Not? – Custom Layout

This is a Layout I made for Amcas from Why Not? She came to me and wanted a layout for her blog and looked for black white and pink colors. When I showed her this kit her from Camila Designs called “Max” she said this is it!


Amcas said she wanted to have a plain white background since she always posts so many picture, so I offered her to just add some color to the sidebar and the rest will remain white. I choose a black background with text for the main background and added a pink background to the sidebars, the rest stayed white.

The first header I did was not like she had envisioned so I made a new try and this one she said was perfect! After some small changes to the rest was done, and all went super smooth and easy.

What makes this layout special:

– different background for the sidebars and different colors for the border to make it all matching.
– the header, because she wanted me to have Mr.Pretty Face into Polaroid frames, which really looks cool.
– the torned papers for the title
– Amcas because she was super easy to work with and I’m glad I made this header so that she was happy with it.


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