How to Befriend Web Designers and Developers?

Creative and well-thought-out development and design are the two essentials of success of the website. However, without cooperation and mutual understanding between developers and designers the process of creation of the website can become a nightmare. Here you will find great tips and tools that will help you to succeed in creation of the site.

  1. Get acquainted with the basics. Any designer and developer should know the basis not only of their craft, but also HTML, CSS and Photoshop. Surfing through the Internet it is possible to find useful lessons that cover the basics of these disciplines.
  2. Gather the font library that you will use afterwards when creating sites. For example, you can use DaFont resource to keep track of all fonts used in the development and designing.
  3. Use simple tools, for example, Limpsum to generate fake placeholder texts or images for the designs.
  4. Use ideas of other designers – we mean, not actually steal the ideas of others, but look through them and take the bits there and there to create something new and great. For example, you can use Snipt to search for code snippets. Look through the examples of great designs through the Internet.
  5. Enhance your Photoshop by adding necessary tools, brushes, shapes and so on.
  6. Use CSS code generator to create complex CSS code. Consider using the CSS3 Generator, the CSS3 Maker, and the CSS3 Border Radius Generator.
  7. Stop spending tons of money on resources, start using free ones – you can use free images, backgrounds, icons, and more at places like Design Kindle, and PSD Collector.
  8. Use programming-friendly text editor, that will hit the spot of all your needs.
  9. Always check the work of your site on different screens, browsers and devices
  10. Use frameworks for creation of the website, as with its help you will simplify and fasten the process greatly. For example, you can use Blueprint, Ruby on Rails, Zend and CakePHP or Django.
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