How to Make Your Web Design Responsive?

With the growing influence of handheld devices, responsive web design becomes a must in the sphere of website development. It saves a lot of time and money and guarantees perfect user experience – that is exactly what all users are searching for.

Here is a list of tools for creation of responsive web design:

  • Layout, Wireframes and Prototyping
  • The process of creation of the website usually starts with sketching

Responsive Wireframes

This tool created by James Mellers for Adobe shows the influence of responsive elements in the typical layouts. Also it helps to find out what areas are the most important in the interacting between different devices. This tool has a variety of mockups for homepage, entry, product details and comparison pages. Also here you will be able to check how your mockup will act on different platforms and various devices.

Multi-Device Layout Patterns

Here you will find a categorization of the mobile-responsive designs and layouts and will see how they work.


Is a must-have for designers who value content. It is a tool for structuring the content using that fully-functional wireframes. Knowledge of HTML and CSS is a must for using the Wirefy.

CSS and Fluid Grids

  • Style Tiles
  • This tool proposes a possibility to create a style of the web that both designer and client will like.
  • Bootstrap simplifies prototyping greatly with help of Customize feature. just choose the elements and get a finished version of your website will all CSS, plugins and other tools.
  • Gridset creates different layouts that can be shared with colleagues.
  • Adobe Edge Reflow is a new incomplete tool from Adobe that will create responsive layouts, grid systems, media queries

Responsive Graphics, Fonts and Videos

  • Adaptive Images checks the size and orientation of the screen and automatically rescales the images according to it.
  • Retina Images helps to display hi-res images, showing only one image at a time. As e result, the server has no excess load time and the tool automatically changes your image once you have set the height and width attributes.
  • Blueberry is an image slider that works with mobile-responsive designs.
  • And don’t forget to test, test and test your websites to check their work in different platforms.
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