Today is national Srapebooking day and I went around looking at what my fabulous designer have new in their store. Maybe some of them catch your eye and give you some inspirations for a new look of your blog!

Vera Lim Designs:
Good Night Sweetheart, this kit is lovely when you are looking for something dark with sparkle effects and some glowing. Especially this lovely glowing bee is so sweet! This is truly a magical kit, with lot’s of sparkling and glowing effects and stars..


MK Designs:
TeaParty. This kit directly from Alice in Wonderland! If you want a blog looking like another world this one could be the right one.


Lily Designs:
Lily always surprises my with he real elements and she apparently does love flowers, a lot. This kit called Dream Garden is truly wonderful. Make your blog look like a dreamy garden with lots of beautiful flowers. Apart from the flowers, she created birds that look just magical and not from this world!


Kimla Designs:
Although her Summer impressions kit is not new I want to feature it today because I adore the color combinations here. Red and yellow just screams like summer, love the red flasks and the red corn poppy.


Love birds?? I adore this kit! the colors work so nicely together and the tiny bird she created are just sweetness! Spring Love is a wonderful and unique kit!


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