Loving Coffee – Custom Layout

In the weekend I have been really productive and finished some layouts. One of those was for the lovely Paula, who is a truly enthusiastic and awesome person. She told me she wanted to have a) a sweet Comic – Me for her header and a theme based on coffee. I proposed her Karina’s Good Morning kit because I thought this would fit the best. She loved but wanted to have all the light blue stuff preferably in Starbucks- green. Hey, I love challenges so I did …


Next we had to focus on the Comic – Me and Paula wanted to have her Comicself more looking like her, so I took the challenge to modify this sweet Comic Girl. I made her hair darker and her eyes brown, changed the color of the couch and removed the bow in her hair and wooosssh there she is: I think she really looks lovely and perfectly fitting for Paula and the rest of the Layout.


What makes this layout special:

  • The awesome Comic girl we created for the header!!
  • The Starbucks colors together with the coffee-cup theme.
  • The sweet alpha we took for the Blog title
  • Paula! who had a clear vision of her blog and told me exactly what she liked and not and so made it super easy for me! All her enthusiasm made it wonderful to work with her!

Go and visit Paula and the layout live


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