New and exclusive designer : Lorie Davidson’s!

Remember when I was so happy that Irene allowed me to work with her kits? I was beyond happy, she made an exception for me. ..

Something similar happened today: A client showed me a kit from Lorie Davidson and asked me if we could ask her for permission since she fell in love with this kit and desperately wanted her Blog done with this kit.


Honestly, admire this awesomeness!!!

I contacted Lori asking if she would allow me to use her kit for this blog – she never allowed something like this but apparently liked the Blog’s I’ve designed so far that we worked out a license… *big squee moment*

After I finished this blog I showed her the blog and asked (maybe begging was involved) if I could add her to my list of designers since I’m so pretty sure people will love her work. She’s is an amazing designer and I bow my head when I see her designs.

Since I can only post a tiny collection of her work,
please go and visit her shop
and let her work inspire you!!




In the end, I’m only as good as the designs I’m working with.
So I’m constantly searching for unique designers and

I’m pretty proud to have such
an exclusive collection!!



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