New beautiful designkits!

I wanted to share the newest kits I found around in the shops. Apparently the girls have been super creative this month since I found so incredibly wonderful kits!

Links to all the designers you find here: “Designkits”

The first one is called Purple Love from Karina Designs. I always looked for a nice purple kit, but this one is not just nice, it’s so beautiful!!

Lily finally made a new kit and look at it! She called it “Painted” and it’s so great! Specially with a white background this kit will look fantastic!

KStudio made a kit called “Dazzled” and girls, I don’t have to tell you why I needed to share this kit with you:)

Nikki’s new kit consists of a great light green/yellow/brown color combination. I love this composition!

Holly made a new Collaboration kit together with Vera Lim and since they both have such fancy unique styles the kit they made together is fabulous! Love the combination of brown/orange/pink.


MK designs made a kit which is extremely cute!!! It’s called “Wetterfrosch” loosely translated that means “weather frog” which is what we here in Germany say for weathermen, in a cute way. It comes from the idea that a frog could forecast the weather by climbing a ladder 🙂

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