New Face – New Look!

Did you notice the change? My blog got an makeover!

But you might say that the whimsy blue layout wasn’t that old and where is the sweet blond girl?

Well, the blue layout was one of the first layouts I did in my bloggy live and it was really cute and I love it a lot! But during the last month I learned so much about blogging and designs that I feelt like I need a new skin for my blog! I redesigned already my beloved Twilight blog and now it was time for an change also here.

Last week I browsed through one of my favorite sites : iStock Photo – I adore this site, I could look around for hours just because of the pretty pictures and graphics. And out of a habit I visited one of the most wonderful designers for those pretty sweet Comic girls you see here and probably on many other blogs too.
You can visit his Portfolio here , he creates such a large number of cute pretty girls woman and men… I digress..

Because the suddenly I found her: He called this girl “Chic Blogger”and she smiled at me and I was in love! I really didn’t think and just clicked “buy”. I realized that she was super new in his portfolio and I was actually the 2nd one who bought her…

I *cough* dyed my hair to brunette so I though it’s appropriate to change my Comic Me girl from a blond one into a Brunette.. and well you know: Edward prefers Brunette! Just saying…

Ok enough about my chic blogger girly!

The kit which always was in the back of my mind was a Collab kit from Holly (from whom also the Whimsy blue design was) and MK – Designs ( she is my newest designer addition and I’m so grateful she allowed me to use her kits!)

Look at this pretty designkit:


I saw the colors and just love it, together with my Chic Bloggers brown hair…. I simply couldn’t resist doing a new design..

And while redesigning I also wanted to make my Linkbar smaller, I hope you all can read it well enough and then I tried to make this cool scribble hover effect and squeed like a girl when I finally managed! Apart from the fancy Linkbar I also rearranged my Footer section so that the sidebar isn’t so crowded anymore.

I also modified the green package and added something that is called Sidebar title images. Those are images which can pimp your sidebar quite a bit. To see what I mean scroll down here and look out for the Button “Follow Me” ( and since you are already there you can also follow me if you didn’t do it yet *blows a kiss) and you know what the best thing is? I didn’t increase the price:)

Wooohhooo so many words for one layout! Sorry girls, I get easily carried away when talking about designs! It’s like when I’m talking about Twilight – it’s passion.


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