New wonderful designer in store!!!!

I’m so happy to tell you that I have a license from a new designer! I contacted Irene already a year ago but she doesn’t allow Custom Blog Designs with her kits.

I was sad, oh so sad.

But then I saw her latest kit and I was so entranced that I had to contact her again. I made it clear how incredible in love I am with her kits and guess what, she made an exception for me!! Gosh, I was so happy!!

She truly is unique and she creates kits that look right from out of a Faery tale or from a different world. Most of her stuff is hand drawn which shows her incredible talent!

One note: If you love her designs just like me but don’t want to spend so much money for a Custom design ( although I’m not that expensive hehe) then you can look at her Pre made Blog Designs, they consist of a background and a header. Click here to get to her store.


You can find her designs and kits :
afterfive ( just for june)
Scrap Orchard

So but now, let me show you some my fav kits from her ( and she has tons and each one is simply beautiful! I truly didn’t know which ones to pick)

Sail to the stars, isn’t that awesome!!
Hello Faery Tale!!
This was the one I fell so in love with that I contacted her again.



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