News – Photoblog Template

I added a new Package to my list which is the Photoblog Template. Photoblogs need different things than a “normal” blog. You need a wide postsection so that you can show your pictures in a larger size. The focus should be on your Photos!

The Packages includes:

  • a wide postsection for large pictures. This can be either white or another soft color of your choice.
  • one background
  • The sidebars are removed to the Footer Section (just like I have it here on my blog). There will be 3 Footer Columns. You can decide if you just want to have the Footer Columns or if you want to have one remaining sidebar, either left or right.
  • a clean Linkbar
  • a sidebarimage/footer column image
  • postdivider
  • One BlinkieButton with a Grab Me code

If you have any questions or concern don’t hesitate to contact me, also if there are things you would love to have in your layout but isn’t listed here – I will try my best to make the layout you love!


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