Portfolio Updates – Norwegian Book Girl, Ellz Readz and Page Turners!

I did some lovely blogs lately and here are the updates.

Ellz Readz was the winner of a giveaway Donna from Bites hold some time ago. She had a long list of kits she loves but finally decided for Joifa’s Innocent Imaginations. Lovely kit!!


She wanted a wavy Linkbar and she choose awesome fonts for her layout!! I was in love when she first send me the Links to the fonts she likes! So this is the final result:

Go an visit this Layout Live!

The Norwegian Book Girl came with a interesting question: She runs an English BookBlog and she runs a Book blog in Norwegian and she wanted to have the same design for the two blogs.OooOo This was a challenge since I had noo idea what about what I was writing when I designed the Norwegian blog. She wanted to have Kimla’s Storytime kit and she said she wanted to have something in blue.


Plus she wanted to have the dreamy aspect of getting lost in a book. Well, good that I recently changed the my name to Dreamy Blog Designs *giggles* . Ok so those are her Blogs:

Go an visit this Layout Live!


and her Norwegian Blog :


The Page Turners have a wonderful blog and they had a great idea about what they want. We discussed for weeks about how to approach this and which kits would work with that. They wanted to have a girl sitting in a cottage style room and dreaming about an outside Faery world. Woho Ok! So we collected kits and in the end decided for a few kits to use and combine. Honestly this was a real challenge!!!

We took from MK Designs – New Home, Doll House



 Joifa Designs : Cozy


Lily Designs: Baby Elf ( I adore this kit!!! All the elements you see in the header from the Faery world are from this kit)


So this is the final Result: Plus they wanted a Drop Down menu for their blog… So yes I think this was by far the biggest project I ever had… The Vector was Custom made form a friend of the Page Turners and I really love the girl, it’s awesome!


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