Portfolio Updates – The magic world of MK designs!

I realized I haven’t updated my Portfolio with those two blogs I did some time ago for two of my Blogger Friends. Both of the Layouts are truly unique with kits from MK Designs

For afragilelittle human we used MK designs “Thoughts kit” which is truly unique and wonderful!


She got a green package and I designed a truly special header for her! Sometimes ideas just pop up when I look at the kits. I asked fragile if it was OK to try a few things and she let my just do what I had in my head: This is what came out!


Bex is also a Bloggy friend and I designed already the layout for her main blog, this however is the blog that goes with her FanFiction story. We really had some problems nailing the look of her layout and we started 3 times? lol yes we did!

Finally she choose this kit
Zauberkarussel from MK Ddesigns and this is what we got


We created a blog in brown red and orange and I truly love with what we finally came up with.
I love the colors and the font we used for the Linkbar, it’s called ” Riesling” and hey, I love good wines hehe!



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