Portfolio Updates!

It’s been a long time since I updated my Portfolio, which doesn’t mean I haven’t done anything!
I looked through my Portfolio and found some missing designs and they are really worth to look at, each one special and unique!

“Memoirs of a Robmance” for itsjustme and Tina
“just words on a page” for jwoap
“Mishaps of a scribe” for Honolulu Girl
and just recently finished
“Jessica N designs” for Jessica

“Memoirs of a Robmance” for itsjustme and Tina


We used Kimla’s Storytime kit for this blog. And the task was to make it look enchanted and dreamy since it’s a blog dedicated to all things about Rob. The girls got a pink package. It turned out really dreamy nd I hope the girls are happy!

“just words on a page” for jwoap


This one is a really cool layout! jwoap took a green package and a super lovely kit from Karina Designs “Purple Love”. Awesome kit, it was awesome working with it. jwoap wanted her header to look like her desk and that’s why she send me pics from funny things on her desk, like the pink marker , toys well and coffee! 🙂 It was tons of fun working with her on the vision for her blog!

“Mishaps of a scribe” for Honolulu Girl

Suzie was one of my first customers ever and I really adore her! She wanted a blog for her fanfiction storys and so we had a special challenge: The best thing for her would be a Drop Down Menu! OOOoooo, this I never did before! Static horizontal Linkbars – check, DropDown menu – wow, challenge! Anyway I managed and also wrote Suzie how to update the Linkbar herself!

We used for her blog Lily’s “Waiting for Santa” kit. Sweet hu? 🙂 Somehow Lily does it for Suzie, also her first blog was with one of Lily’s kit, I can’t blame her – Lily is awesome!

“jessica N designs” for Jessica


Jessica was also one of my very first customers, the third actually! (Yes I still know that) She started designer sweet and lovely jewellery, necklaces and stuff and I can tell you, it’s really sweet stuff she does! Anyway, she wanted a green package for a design blog to have a blog accompany her shop at etsy.

As add on for her package she also wanted: The fancy Linkbar and the custom font for post tiles and sidebar titles. Basically Jess wanted everything I offer *giggles* .
She choose Catherine’s kit “A Bonheur des Dames” since she wanted her blog pink and brown, a wonderful color combination! So I created a special Linkbar for her blog including some nice hover effects, I also installed a Custom font that replaces her post titles and sidebar titles.


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