Rainy Forks – Custom Layout

Woohooo, let me show you the Custom Layout I did for MyTwilife. We gave this template the name Rainy Forks because it truly looks like that:). She came to me and wanted to have a new layout with brownish colors. I showed her different design kits, but she was not sure with what we should do the layout.

Finally, Lily’s Take me to the old world kit was the one. I adore this kit, it reminds me so of Forks and New Moon. (Anyone interested in a New Moon layout? *giggles* )


MyTwilife wanted to have a rainy look, and so I tried to make the background rainy. She also liked to have a little sun shining from one corner. As a sidebar image we took a small lamp, which I found pretty sweet. Dark Forks needs some light right?

What makes this Layout special:
– the background: many details with the sun and the rain
– the sweet little lamp
– MyTwilife with her passion to make me do exactly what she wants.

I enjoyed working with you and thanks for never giving up on me and pushing me on my limits in blogdesign with your ideas. I hope you are truly happy with your layout!


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