Read in a Faery world – Custom Layout

Kate runs a sweet BookBlog, wanted a green package with rating system and she wanted something dark but still magic. We discussed for a very long time about what she really wants and looked at a few kits but truly, non of the kits from my awesome designers fit Kate’s needs. After I realized this I went into the deeps of my files and searched at my favorite vector files pages iStock and ShutterStock and finally got it right for Kate.


Kate choose this sweet girl for the header at ShutterStock and I found the cute dog for her. I added the Faery in the header and some magic looking elements from MK designs and Kimla. ( Both are just the perfect source for something truly magic).For the rating we took the classic (but perfect for her layout) star-rating. In the end I’m really happy with the layout and I love it a lot!!


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