Robmusement – Custom Layout

It’s been a while now since I finished this layout here but it has been some busy days over Christmas and New Year so… This Layout here is special since it was Part of my Secret Santa gift we did with the Lemon Sisters. This was a wonderful idea to bring us all closer together. Anyway, I got itsjustme from RobMusement and she already told me that she’d love to switch from wordpress to blogger and showed me also the kit she’d love. This kit is from Holly and is called Playground, what could have been a better kit for her blog?


It was difficult, because I since this was supposed to be a gift I couldn’t work on this layout together with her, I only showed her the final product. But I had Betti my beloved friend who is an Art Director and always know who I can improve my layouts, Thanks Honey for your help and support!
I really worked hard on this layout and just hoped desperately that itsjustme likes it..

What makes this Layout special ?

– The Rob Postdivider with the words saying : Smile, the world is your playground with included Rob pics.
– The header: I love this header full of Rob pics.
– Betti with her input which made this layout much better!


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