It’s time to grow. It’s nearly a year now I started my small Blog Designs Page here and all started with the love for Twilight. If you look at my Portfolio and go down and look at the first blogs I designed all of them were about Twilight. It was wonderful designing all those wonderful blogs and meet all those incredible lovely people.
But my Blog Designs grew and I also design other blogs, private blogs, Book Blogs … and I feel I needed to change my name.
Let’s move from
Twispired Blog Designs
Dreamy Blog Designs

When looking at the designs I’ve done all of them look like a place to dream and it also represents my dreamy nature. Who doesn’t love to get lost in a different world, be it in books or in Twilight or in your own private space where you talk about yourself?

In the end nothing big has changed, just the name and the URL :
I’m still the same and my designs are still the same.

I have to admit, I’d love to have a new design but I’m so busy with designing other blogs that there is now time for my own blogs. But it also makes me happy! I have some exciting new designs coming up and I love to work with every one of them!