The Bookworms Blog-Portfolio Update

I know I know, it’s been forever I updated my Portfolio!! And, I totally forgot to tell you about a layout I’ve done for a wonderful project. I asked 7 of my friends to form a new blog together with me. It’s about books and I’m super happy all of them were as excited about the project as I was. After quite some time thinking about a good name we agreed on the Bewitched Bookworms. A magical name, so I had to create a magical layout.

We choose an super awesome Collab kit from Vera Lim and MK designs, two of my favorite designers! And, when they team up something amazing comes out. I loved the magical touch of the kit and the colors. Love is in The Air


I wanted to create a unique design with a magic touch and books, books and Love! the magic touch I found in the kit and I couldn’t even decide which elements to take since they are all so incredible awesome. I also looked at iStock photo and found some really great book pics I directly bought and incorporated in your layout.

Then, I also created a Linkbar with a cute hover effect, sweet sidebar titles images and a footer.
I really gave my very best for this layout. Since we are a bookblog, we wanted our post section with a old paper background and I’m glad I found one.

The Blog Title is also special, I combined this swirly font with a awesome text effect so that it looks so shiny.

Ok, so if you want to see the full layout live
come and visit us at the Bewitched Bookworms.

We are also holding a giveaway at the moment and you can win a Layout from me,
so it might be worth stepping by;)

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