The dreamy Vanquish – Custom Layout

I finally did it and created a blog layout for myself. My old layout was from a super creative designer and I felt super bad replacing it, but I needed some fresh air. I searched forever for a suitable kit which included my beloved colors: black white and red. I knew Lily’s Little Red Bird kit but it just clicked when I looked at it for the 100th time and suddenly I had a vision.
The kit was super dreamy and wonderful, so I started working on a layout for my blog with it.

I took a plain white background for the main section, I love working on white one can do such wonderful things on a white background, so it had to be white. Since I have green in my header pushy suggested to take add also some green in the background. I took a simple red flower as a sidebar image but the white background made it easy to play with shadows.

I stayed with the Papyrus font and Script tina for the header and took also this font to do the Linkbar Buttons. I added a mouseover effect with a bird and some flowers that appear whenever you hover over a Linkbar Button.

With those two fonts I also created some nice sidebar headers, including some for Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

The header completed the dreamy look for this layout and while creating it I suddenly knew the perfect quote…


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