The magic Custom Layout

This is a design for a blog where mother and daughter post Book and Reviews together. Since, it was a surprise for her daughter Suzie wanted something dreamy and magic. She choose the G’Night Sweetheart kit from Vera Lim since both of them also love purple so much! So we focused on making a dreamy and magic layout!


The elements found in this kit are perfect for her wish and so I started on this layout. Suzie was so easy and wonderful to work with because basically she just loved what I did, which I truly appreciate! I extremely love the sweet like firefly for the sidebar titles and the clocks with the wings! Since they will post reviews I also created a rating system for them: Classically we used stars but with this layout they just go perfect together


Suzie became a truly good friend over the last month and
I love the idea that she’s blogging together with her daughter and
that they read the same books!


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