The Meadow – Custom Layout

Yesterday I finished my second custom Layout for the wonderful cutie from the Super Secret Twilight Blog and I am beyond happy with what we did together. We created cuties personal Meadow. When I started working on KG’s Pink Wonderment cutie came to me and knocked on my door telling me that she also would like to have a new layout. I was hooked specially when you know that cutie hates changes but it makes me more then proud that she was willing to let me do something for her.

She choose Kimla’s Blueberry Nights kit; we saw it and called it immediately The Meadow, because this just fit so perfectly. Kimla, I hope you don’t mind but we recalled your wonderful kit because for us Twilighters this is the prefect Meadow theme!


I made a 2 Column Layout with a linkbar and included some shiny stars in the background to make this layout more dreamy. For sure we had to take Meadow pictures for the header and I applied some dreamy filters and added some leafs and flowers on it. The background was a hard decision since I made a green background for the inner part but we discussed about light blue or not. Finally cutie decided that it should be the green one because : Green is what?! Green is good!

Thanks again to my wonderful Twibestie Betti from Betti.Music.Twilight for the constant input and ideas.

What makes this layout perfect is the font we took for the sidebar titles and the post title, it’s Edward’s font called “Be safe”

What makes this layout special:
– the font for sidebar and post titles
– the dreamy header
– the overall dreamy look
– cutie with her romantic ideas and passion for her layout!

Thanks so much cutie for trusting me so much that you let me do this layout for her, I think we did something wonderful together and I hope you enjoy your Meadow.


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