Top Best Startup Web Designs

For all the entrepreneurs out there today is the best time to start implementing their big ideas. Kickstarter, ProductHunt and similar portals have created the perfect environment for startups, so plenty of companies have a great chance of entering the market and showing their product to everyone.

Who knows, maybe your idea has all chances to beat the odds and become the next Twitter or Youtube? If you have something to show to the public, the community has got your back and will provide all the resources you need, and even help to raise money for your project. With such people’s support, it is no surprise new startups are booming every day.

Here are some of the coolest startup websites of different types. Some of them are bigger and more popular while others do not have the same huge budgets, but they are all offering some trendy features.


Sometimes all you need is two colors to make everything right – just like at Monitaure. It uses white and light green shade – similar to Pantone’s Color of 2017 – and this combination evokes the sense of trust and refinement. If your product has white elements, it would definitely look better with complementing colors in design.


Dragonera is all about artificial intelligence (AI) software, so it supports a high-tech atmosphere and makes an excellent impression. Smooth effects and clean design bring great user experience and lots of help for startups.


The fully isometrically illustrated environment is what distinguishes Waaffle from other web resources. The outlined icons and illustrations, vibrant colors and dynamic effects to accompany them are probably the best way to present the story behind any project.


The vibrant blue color of the page would be the first thing you notice about the Paypr. Taking all your attention with the dominant tone, Paypr might seem overwhelming but hover effects and some tiny dynamic details make the homepage very engaging.

Sli Systems

Line icons are stylish if you do them right – just look at Sli Systems to make sure. Combining them with the white space would help users to focus on the product rather than on design, and the website is both stylish and informative without going overboard.


The Molekule is the great example of how breaking the informative side of the project into well-thought and arranged chunks would help the overall product presentation. Yes, the striped layout is quite standard, but it works for most goals.


Zortrax welcomes you with the huge slider at the top of the website – the perfect way to present a product instantly. They have used the dark color scheme, which helps to build the mystery and fog around the product. So look closer at Zortrax for inspiration if you are looking for a mystery.


The landing page of the Ernest is a vertical full-screen slider that tells you everything about the Ernest. Scroll-activated effects would certainly make you want to meet Ernest in person and let him change your finance life for the better.


The purpose of Cardconnect service is apparent from its name – It focuses on payments processing. Those who are worried about their card security would love its refined and simple design. The clear color scheme and neat interface combined with the high-quality graphics make the Cardconnect look reliable and easy to use.


Much like the Ernest, the homepage of AlephD is built on top of your basic vertical slider. It only has four slides that actually occupy the whole screen, and it is just enough to show the product and intrigue the audience with its features.

With the entire industry working for a while now, there is a certain hustle and bustle about the product presentation. Whatever the product is, developers mostly prefer to choose time-proven techniques. Usually, they include viable structures and split layouts, as well as all those scroll-activated effects. Thus, all the interfaces presented are balancing content and visual, so your product would look marvelous.

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