Wickedly awesome layout – Custom Layout

Time for an Portfolio Update, Stacy ( or Wicked Walker) was lucky enough to win one of my Custom Layouts at the big Bookworm Party last week. I’, so glad she won, because she was soo easy to work with, it was amazing. We started chatting right after I send her an mail that she won the layout and soon it was clear what we want to do for her. She wanted a dark blog and so she choose Joifa’s Bright Night kit!


After I showed her the first draft it wasn’t much to change to make her happy, which is pretty cool! As I said she was easy going! We played a bit around with the right font, which often is the most complicated part but then we finally had it. We incorporated a Comic Girl from one of my favorite designers at iStock and I just made the girl wicked by giving her some devil horns:) I think it looks pretty cool!
And since Stacy is a BookBlogger and also needs a cool rating system I created som rating pictures for her.


Honestly, aren’t they perfect for her? Those cute little hearts with devil horns and a tail?? cuteness!It was the most fun working with Stacy! 🙂


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