Your Toolkit for Creation of Cool Websites

Here we have gathered the best free and paid software, websites with free Java scripts, buttons, PHP codes and guidelines that will come in handy when you will decide to create top-notch website.

  • com proposes useful tutorials for beginners and mediums in html, xhtml and data driven websites. Even experts in this sphere will find a lot of interesting stuff here.
  • Dynamic Drive website proposes free original DHTML & Javascripts that will help you to improve the quality of your website. With its help you will be able to make flashy images, scrolling, photo galleries, profound navigation and menus. Developers of the Dynamic Drive website have recently proposed the possibility of creation favicons. (for those who don’t know what is it, favicon is a small image that appears near the link of your website in your browser. All you have to do is to download the logo or a URL of your website and all the rest will be done for you.
  • AAA Button website also proposes free great tools for making cool customized buttons for links. Select the color palette of the future button, summary of words to use and the site will create buttons for you.
  • is a place where you can solve any problem you have with contact forms of your websites. Fill in the forms of your future contact form of your website and then copy the code into the code of your website.
  • Notepad ++ is a free source code editor and serve as a replacement of the Notepad.
  • Macromedia suite has several tools for designing websites (Dreamwearver), editing and cropping images (Fireworks), making flash images (Flash). Adobe Products propose also many other useful tools for improving the quality of websites, check them.
  • Microsoft Front page Software proposes a demo that you can try out in making of perfect sites.
  • Joomla is a tool of creation of CMS websites. Open source Joomla Content Management Software can be of a great help in the development of tools.
  • Drupal helps to create dynamic websites.
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